Quality Custom Designs By Kathryn and David Bolen
Product Detail - Elle's Swirling Energy


Elle's Swirling Energy
 This piece was inspired by a dear friend of mine, Elle. Each week she takes a collective group of individuals on a common journey toward self-discovery through Chakra balancing.
The colors used are representative of the 7 Chakras (energy wheels) which we all posess -- Red: Root; Orange: Sacral; Yellow: Solar Plexus; Green: Heart; Blue: Throat; Third Eye: Indigo; Crown: Violet. The movement of energy is represented by the hand crafted sterling silver swirl. Moving through the swirl from bottom to top there are 7 points for each corresponding Chakra.
Swarovski crystals carefully wrapped with sterling silver and connected with delicate sterling silver chain are the components of this piece. Completed with a sterling silver toggle clasp.
Necklace measures 19" plus 1 1/4" swirl pendant.