Lapel Pins
Quality Custom Designs By Kathryn and David Bolen

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Below are samples from our portfolio.
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Sterling, Garnet and faceted fiery Labradorite Dragonfly

This design appeared to me on the last official day of summer.  A dragonfly playfully danced above me as I enjoyed the afternoon sun.  The long slender body of the dragonfly and its wings that appear to be oh so fragile yet strong enough to move with amazing agility, grace and speed was the inspiration of this piece.

Handcrafted Dragonfly made of 20, 28 and 30 gauge sterling silver, soldered and woven to create this lightweight, delicate, yet quality constructed pin.  Pin back is attached such that if by the off chance the catch becomes unfastened, the lapel pin will stay in place.

Fiery blue flash of Labradorite trailing down the body and garnet tipped wings -- this pin will certainly be the topic of many complimentary discussions!

All components of this piece, including body and pin back, were hand crafted by me with my hands, wire and tools.
Dimensions: 2" from bottom to tip with a wingspan of 3".


Pin back - Detail of pin finding/assembly



Elle's Swirling Energy - Medallion

This piece was inspired by a dear friend of mine, Elle. Each week she takes a collective group of individuals on a common journey toward self-discovery through Chakra balancing. The colors used are representative of the 7 Chakras (energy wheels) which we all posess:

Red: Root
Orange: Sacral
Yellow: Solar Plexus
Green: Heart
Blue: Throat
Third Eye: Indigo
Crown: Violet

The movement of energy is represented by the hand crafted sterling silver swirl. Moving through the swirl from bottom to top there are seven points, one for each corresponding Chakra.



I Give You My Heart

Handcrafted heart made of heavy gauge sterling silver, hammered for texture, tumbled for strength, oxidized and hand polished.