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Product Detail - Crab Fire Agate (Spiderweb Carnelian) Herringbone Bracelet


Wrist Circumference

Crab Fire Agate
(Spiderweb Carnelian)

Herringbone Bracelet

This piece was recently donated and has a new home.
If you would like one of your very own, click here to let us know.  We will be delighted to accommodate!


Stunning smooth nuggets wrapped in sterling silver!  This bracelet is sure to coordinate from suit to casual.
Crab Fire Agate (Spiderweb Carnelian) nuggets wire wrapped with a herringbone weave in sterling silver

Handcrafted double linked chain made of handcrafted sterling silver jump rings

Handcrafted clasp to complete the design

Measures approximately 9" (chunky nuggets call for longer length) but can be adjusted to fit.